Angelina stars in Louis Vuitton ‘core values’ campaign

Posted: June 19, 2011 in Random

The rumours are true, Angelina Jolie is the new face of Louis Vuitton and here’s the campaign snap to prove it. The 36-year-old actress and mum of 6 posed for Louis Vuitton’s ‘core values’ campaign in her own clothes and monogrammed LV bag that she’s owned for years.

The scenic snap was taken by famous Vogue photographer Annie Leibovitz in Cambodia, a country Angelina has committed much of her humanitarian work to. Louis Vuitton refused to comment on how much Angelina was paid for the campign, but disclosed that she donated a large part of her fee to charity.

The ‘core values’ campaign has featured shots of many celebrities over the past 18 months including Bono and Sean Connery. The campaign concept is said to be a way of Louis Vuitton showing their travel roots whilst incorporating branded product advertising.



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