Being a “Liberal”

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Random

Its been a while now since i’ve been trying to get liberalisim, or even a clear definition of the word “Libral”. However, today my father gave me an easy and simple explaination, but reassuring that the word “Libral” in Kuwait could sometimes become hard to define. Some say that being Libral is also known for being open minded or tolerant. While in Muslim countries the word Libral is being defined as someone who denies the existence of god which is TOTALLY wrong.  I’m guessing that this misconception is due to people’s ignorance.

Being libral has nothing to do with wrong doings or flaws. To be libral is believing in differences and rights of others. When you are a libral, you must give others the chance to believe, express, act and talk due to their beliefs.

So, I’m guessing now, im a Libral afterall.


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