Using/Abusing Twitter

Posted: March 1, 2010 in Random

   Recently I’ve been literally addicted to Twitter, I update/check my updates on my blackberry every minute, if not even every second. I downloaded Ubertwitter for Blackberry, and it’s great. I love when I tweet I can add a link to my location. Also, I’m starting to use it as an alternative to blackberry messenger, chatting with friends, asking them question etc…  Some of my friends have switched to iPhone, so instead of downloading whatsapp on my Blackberry, I’ve been talking to them on Twitter. 

  Last week my Ubertwitter was for some reason was not working, so I decided to download Twitterberry. It’s much slower to send/recieve tweets with Twitterberry, and thankfully I redownloaded Ubertwitter again and it worked… Once you sign up for an account then the addiction/obsession will start. Your social/personal life will be on the open with twitter. I prefer not to have public twitter accounts, because I don’t like random people to know what im up to or where I am, but others don’t mind it. I’ve had an account for a while now, but I’ve haven’t  been attached to it until now. I write everything that’s up my mind, random thoughts like thinking about food, cravings, what to do, what am I listening to etc… So, I recommend that you sign up for an account if you havent yet…


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