New obsession

Posted: February 24, 2010 in Random

Just freshly baked Betty Crocker’s Double Chocolate Chuck Cookies. They look, smell, taste incredibly GOOD. Seriously, they are perfect home-made cookies, not too soft and not too dry just perfect. BUT, I have a secret to making my cookies EXTRA delicious…. There is one more ingredient I add that makes the magic happen. I’ve always been asked why does your cookies taste different from our Betty Crocker’s mix that we do at home. So, here goes. I will be finally reveling my SECRET ingredient. It’s a simple and cheap ingredient you find at every coop.

My secret ingredient is…..


A spoon of NUTELLA!!

Yes, just add a spoon of Nutella to give your cookies are richer taste. Also, I love the chocolate chip mix, and the Nutella works even better with it. So, go ahead buy your boxes and make them cookies. Enjoy…


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