Pilates and More

Posted: February 19, 2010 in Random

The new empowering women’s health club Pilates and More offer you a new experience to exercise. They combinations of cutting edge technology, new equipment, and innovative techniques, with smarter solutions to energize and motivate your body & mind. Wether you want to lose weight, keep fit or have an injury and want tore- gain strength, you can experience there. They do not just specialize in Pilates, but the also include other fitness programs such as yoga and martial arts, and many more to satisfy your needs.

Pilates and More is a small, cozy gym that has two locations in Salmiya and Mahboula. The Salmiya studio is has a calm ambience, geared for smaller classes and private sessions. While the Mahboula branch is a more of an old fashioned gym, featuring a dynamic atmosphere combining Cardio, Strength, Spinning, Pilates and Aeromotion Studios etc…

Also, they offer personal classes for you at home!!

Contact them for more info:

Salmiya: +965 25710582
Mahboula: +965 23711705

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