Haleeb oo Hail

Posted: February 16, 2010 in Random

So, what’s in your milk? Haleeb and Hail is truly considered a Kuwaiti modern innovation. It’s a creation of a modern lifestyle from an old Kuwaiti traditional food and drinks. The girs ogail, rogag, aseeda, and many more are all known for being a apart of Kuwaiti cutoms, and have been introduced in a present-day coffeeshop to look like a modern-day food. Also, for an early start in the day they offer a traditional Kuwaiti breakfast. Their specialty is the Chai Haleeb with Hail, i loved it and they base nuts for a nutty falvor. Also, I highly recommend the Rogag with Zaa’tar, it’s very light and  best for nibbling.

Also, Haleeb oo Hail location is great, it’s next to the Gulf Bank in Mubarikya. They have a nice outdoor seating which is a plus.

Locatation: Mubarikya, below al qasran complex.

Tel: 55832121

  1. ansam518 says:

    When I wrote about it I was a bit on the harsh side because I somewhat got disappointed at their food selection and at their darabeel priced 350 fils per piece! I heard they changed their menu… did they?

  2. they didnt change their menu, but they added new stuff

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