Morning Coffee with a twist.

Posted: January 18, 2010 in Random

Today I witnessed a very funny yet weird scene in Starbucks. As usual i was waiting in line to order a my morning coffee, and day dreaming about going back to bed and sleep. In line, a guy infornt of me was holding a travel mug, and seems that he was sipping tea with milk. When it became his turn, he just lifted his mug and said refill please. Yes, he asked for a REFILL!! And yes, he was serious. It was very funny, the starbucks filipino guy was laughing, and i was trying very hard not to laugh, but it was out of my hands. They guy was in his 2oies and he was dressed well, did not expect that from him. I ordered my coffee, and enjoyed more than ever with a smile today. That guy just made my day!!

  1. Her says:

    mmm…i heard that if u buy a starbucks traveling mug u get free coffee but i dnt know about chai 7aleeb:p

  2. looool yeah it was verry funny;p

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