Posted: December 26, 2009 in Kuwait

Sequece is a board game that i really enjoy playing! I play it all the time with my friends in chalet, it really makes you use you brain and think. Unfortunately my friends are big cheaters in this game, but I always find a way to win. The players compete to create rows, columns or diagnals of 5 connected checkers placed on the cards that the player has laid down. Two-eyed jacks are wild, while one-eyed Jacks allow an opponents checker to be removed. The game ends when someone has reached a 2 number of connections(we call it in kuwaiti bair). Basically, it’s a complicated tic tac toe using playing cards. If you’re interested you can find it in fantasy world, they also offer a smaller version for travel.

  1. rohan says:

    hi there…I am really intersted in this game…can u tell me from wheere I can buy it….Dubai or kuwait,doesnt matteer.

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