Somebody has to say it…

Posted: December 24, 2009 in Random

So, here we go. This topic has been in my mind for a while and I’ve been postponing it as much as I can, but now it time to speak up. Please don’t take this personally, but someone has to speak up. I went to Negdar expo in Hilton, and found some alarming things. Yes I will say it, SOME really TALENTLESS projects/businesses. You can’t imagine how unprepared or some really pathetic ideas. Yes, I’m a big supporter of local businesses, but what I’ve seen in the expo that’s just not right. They give you this feeling that they just want to be apart of the expo and not about they really meant to do, which is displaying a reflection of the skills, creativity, talent, and knowledge. Now before you roll your eyes or disagree with me just think about it how at least the members who joined who were as I said talentless should have at least a simple business/marketing plan or did a business structure to meet their accommodations. Some business prices were just too high, they must have spent more energy and work to do some research for their business. I will not mention anything, but please keep in mind that starting a business is not easy, it takes hard work, effort and risk. So, to all the people out there thinking of starting a new business try to aim high and you will get better results. Also, I’d like to mention that there are others with outstanding and truly talented small businesses. Some have recreated authentic design and modified it to the modern word. This is called design intervention, which basically is a developed traditional idea and turned it into a modern product. I would like to say to them good job, and hope to see your business grow in the future.


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