Pass By Hilton Mangaf’s Negdar Expo!!

Posted: December 17, 2009 in Random

Dont miss out on Wintercups delightful desserts!

Mouthwatering home made cupcakes,cookies,chocolate balls, and rice crispies that our friends have finally agreed on starting sharing with you guys after nagging on them for a while..

Saturday December 19, 5-10pm

Sunday December 20, 9-1am & 5-10pm

Don’t Miss out ppl

  1. anonymous says:

    tried it and obviously made out of a box, both the cupcakes and the icing. i hope u dont argue with me because it is so obvious. and the balls we’re digestive mixed with cream cheese or whatever . . put a little bit more effort. google a recipe for gods sake.

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.. i hope they will improve in the future

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