The Barbeque Experience

Posted: October 30, 2009 in Food and Drinks

When I think of a barbeque, the first thing the come to my mind is a small group of friends gathering with good food thats served. So, today me and 2 friends gathered and  made some mouth watering burgers that we really enjoyed. We got the meat from the sultan center meat stand, which was 95% lean and 150 grams patty. Also, we got swiss cheese from the cheese stand that we melted on top of the burger. It was very juuuuiiiccy and thick enough. The buns were from burger hub that were great. Here are some picture ive taken…


Extra lean burgers… some 130 grams and some 200 with salt and pepper added


The buns were half with seame and half plain


Swiss cheese or chedder would be great




aannd this is my beautiful creation.. with lettuce and tomato topping….

  1. hehe it is , try it someday ;p

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