Q Cafe

Posted: October 27, 2009 in Food and Drinks

IMG01917-20091026-1400IMG01909-20091026-1339IMG01907-20091026-1338Sarlena taqreban 2 weeks endawer 3ala new places feha ga3da 7elwa o akel 6ayeb bema ena el jaw ta3dal. The past few weeks free zone has been very crowded and its getting more and more filled up everyday. We have found the perfect solution for a new get away place !:D  It’s called Q-Cafe , the interior is very nice, relaxing and cozy , akhaleekum with the pictures i have taken…

P.s:  sorry if the picturesare not clear, they’re taken  from my blackberry phone.

  1. The Spanian says:

    awal shay welcome to the blogging world o mabrok 3ala el blog 🙂

    and about Q-Cafe .. 9ara7a i didn’t like his food that much .. ma re7tla 9ara7a kela a6lob delivery bs i didn’t like it!!

    o etha 3ala el place ely edawrena .. etha mo farga ma3ach elga3da sawa2 indoor aw outdoor .. check el mall ely yam plaza bel salmiyaa .. fee couple of cafes nicely designed o hodo2 matelgen fehom a7ad ela ana ymkn :p

  2. Allah ebarek feek ! Ga3dat Q-Cafe kanat wayed 7elwa + hdoo2 ,, o about the food we only tried their # 1 burger o my friends liked it ! Sij bel salmiya ?? lool we’ll give it a try enshala hehe
    Thank you for passing by 😉

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